Forceps Membrane Non-slip type 25G

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Non-slip type Membrane Forceps “Membrane stripper W” 25G

Designed by Ippei Takasu, M.D., Takasu Eye Clinic, Okayama, JAPAN.

This intraocular forceps was developed especially for specialists who perform minimal incision valve surgery for complex vitreoretinopathy such as PVR.

This forceps can be combined with vitreous cutter or one more piece of the same forceps for safe and efficient process of membrane in bimanual method.

1) Combination with vitreous cutter Holding detached part of retina with this forceps and process the vitreous cutting on the other hand. Vitreous protruded from between the tips or side of the forceps can be cut with vitreous cutter.

2) Combination with another “Membrane stripper W” Holding detached part of retina with one of the forceps, strip the proliferative membrane around the area with the other forceps.

Hold the proliferative membrane with two forceps from both sides to pull, tear and strip the membrane.

Pinch the subretinal strand with one forceps and place the tips of the other forceps around the strand to hold the detached retina.

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whole length 151.5 shaft 32.5
diameter 25G

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