Depressor Sclera Rotating HATTORI 2.0mmφ

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Rotating Scleral-Depressor. HATTORI

Designed and supervised by TAKAYUKI HATTORI,M.D., Department of Ophthalmology,Surugadai Nihon University hospital

By repute,almost all scleral depressors on the market are mostly insufficient in their function to prevent an occurring of incidence such as what is called ”pit”,iatrogenic conjunctival laceration.
Another structural unsatisfactory point is in the difficu1ty of shifting and transferring the depressor smooth against sclera from one surgical field to the other.
In order to solve these problems,this newly developed innovative scleral depressor has a unique 360 degree rotating roller at the nearly point part pressing the eyeball without giving any unfavorable effect to conjunctiva and sclera.

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whole length 109 wheel diameter
wheel diameter 6.5

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  • M-2061SS Rotating Scleral-Depressor. HATTORI


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