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Scissors YAE Multi-Purpose 23G 15mm

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Designed by YASUO YAE M.D.,Yae Eye Clinic,Oita,Japan.

The well-sharpened tip can be comfortably controlled without rotating the shaft in anterior chamber thanks to the 3D action structure.
This user-friendly inslrument can act in various types of operation field such as iris,a nlerior capsule and vilreous body.

1) The shaft is curved and twisted so that the blades open/close vertically.
2) Can be inserled through a 1-mm side port incision.
3) Can be used from any direction (even on the nasal side).
4) Easy to use in cases with deep set eyes and shllowanterior chamber.

1) To enlarge a small pupil by cutting the iris margin.
2) Can approach the 3600 iris through two side port incisions.

Anterior capsule
1) To incise the capsulorhexis margin before expanding a small CCC.
2) For lhe recovery of anterior capsular tear (discontinuity of CCC margin).
3) To make an incision in the edge of shrunk capsulorhexis.

1) To sever the vitreous slrand at the pupillary margin.

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whole length 137.5 color BL.GO.PU
tip 2 diameter 23G

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