Outline of business

Keep supporting medical doctors by developing innovative products.

Inami's history had begun with simple glass eye droppers. Since then, Inami always stands by oculists who have enthusiasm for eye cares, and expands its experiences with international network. Together with them, Inami developed innovative products and contributed progress in ophthalmology. Inami will materialize doctors' ideas and inventions and broaden new technologies.

Surgical instruments

Eye is one of the most important organs to sense light. It has sensitive and complicated structure to adopt all situations expected. Classification of eye diseases is detailed recently and we see rapid progress of surgical methods. Our surgical instruments are conveniently designed to meet various doctors' needs in various aspects. Our supply record proves it.

Diagnostic instruments and treatment facilities


International business

Happiness out of good eyesight shall be given to everybody in the world. It is Inami's commitment that we, doctors and Inami, will take initiative toward further development of ophthalmology worldwide.
Inami exported its products to more then 70 countries including USA, Italy, Turkish, India, Indonesia, and Australia.