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Chalazion Scoop Disher Forceps

Designed and developed by Yasuhiro Tajima, M.D., Tajima Eye and Plastic Surgery Clinic,Yoshikawa City, Saitama, Japan.

In the process of chalazion surgery, it is difficult to catch and remove all remaining pieces of granulation tissue with a curette and Thorpe or other kinds of forceps after removal of lipid. However, leaving those pieces of tissue can be a cause of recurrence.

This instrument has a 1.7mm x 2.0mm curette-shaped tip and its lid with a raised dot in order to grasp the remaining pieces of granulation tissue firmly and remove from the incision.

Meibomian glands massage can also be performed with the steady tip and platform of this instrument.

Usage: After scooping out the granulation tissue with curette, hold the remaining pieces firmly with this forces and remove them piece by piece.

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whole length 106 tip width 1.7×2.0

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