LED Digital Camera Compatible Slit Lamp "EGG", 5 steps, convergent optics

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Convergent Type Binocular Microscope

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Magnification Changer 5 steps by drum rotation Eyepiece 12.5x
Magnification Ratio(Field of View) 6x (38mm), 10x (24mm), 16x (15mm), 25x (9mm), 40x (6mm) Focus Distance 106mm
Light Source 14VDC 1A Max. Intensity (Lux) 400,000Lux
Vertical Movement 30mm Longitudinal Movement 103mm
Lateral Movement 115mm Fine Base Movement ±10mm

Continuous light volume

Continuous light volume controller for fine adjustment

Convergent optics

Convergent optics for user's comfort

S.I. Grande for 14mm illumination field

The unique function of L-0229-E-LED and L-0229-E called "S.I. GRANDE" enables you to optically change the illumination filed up to 14mm by single click action.

This is ideal for contact lens fitting observation. "S.I. GRANDE" is registered as Inami's patent.

Digital video camera

Digital video camera beam splitter can be attached

Built-in yellow filter

Built-in yellow filter for clearer view and photography of blood
(light source side)


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