Portable Zoom Operation Microscope

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Galilean type binocular microscope

Portable operation microscope with carrying case
L-0940SD is a portable operation microscope with user-friendly function, a wide range of expandability and high quality optics that provide operator with a fine and crisp view.
The set comes in a secure lockable carrying case for an ease fir treansportation.

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Magnification Changer Continuous zom by drum rotation Eyepiece 15 x with helicoidal diopter adjustment
Total Magnification 6x - 18x Field of View Φ35-10mm
Pupillary Adjustment 50 - 75mm Objective Lens F = 175mm
Filter Cobalt, Red free, Heat absorption, 1/2ND Light source 21v 150w Halogen bulb with cold mirror filter
Maximum intensity 80,000 Lux Total Weight 15kgs


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